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Your roof provides a vital service in protecting you, your family, and your home from the harsh elements that can beset you at any minute. For that reason, your roof can become worn down from the beatings it endures every day. Over time, you could find yourself needing Loxalhatchee roofing repairs or even a replacement, a prospect which can strike fear and stress into the heart of every homeowner. Surely, the prospect of roofing work can be disheartening, especially considering the regularity and severity with which Florida homes can endure the elements. A hurricane season is stressful enough -- a broken roof on top of that is surely about as stressful as things can be.

What DOESN’T have to be stressful is the company you go to for your roofing repairs. With over a decade of experience servicing residential and commercial roofs in the Loxahatchee and surrounding areas, our Palm Beach County roofing contractors here at The RoofSmith have the expertise and background necessary for addressing all your roofing needs. Whether you need a minor repair or even a full-blown roof replacement, our RoofSmith team will have your roof in perfect condition at an affordable rate and with only the highest quality in service and materials. We understand the stress of fighting against the heat and weather every day, so we strive to alleviate that stress by providing the best service for Loxahatchee residents.


Happily, not all roofing issues require a procedure as major as a full-blown repair. Sometimes, a storm leaves you with just a leak, a loosened gutter, or some other similarly minor problem. Here at The RoofSmith, our team of experts have the skills and experience necessary to restore your roof to the best condition possible. No matter what kind of material roofing you have -- shingles, tile, metal, flat, or wood -- our team has the expertise to be sure that your roof gets the best and most thorough care it needs to keep you and your family safe from the elements and dry through the many unpredictable Florida rains.


Not so happily, SOME roofing issues DO require a procedure as major as a full-blown repair. More happily, though, you can rely on your experts at The RoofSmith to replace your roof with the same speed, professionalism, and care with which they repair your roof. Whether your roof is the victim of too much debris during the hurricane season or is just old enough that you need a new one, the experts at The RoofSmith are able to get your old roof off and your new one on quickly and affordably. Don’t suffer with an old, damaged roof. Call the experts at The RoofSmith. We’ll get you and your family under a new roof and keep you and your family safe from the elements for many years to come.

Loxalhatchee, FL

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If you need a professional roofer in Loxahatchee, then please call (561) 722-5645 or complete our online request form.

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I recently had a re-roof with The Roof Smith after a recommendation from a neighbor. I had previously got 5 different re-roof quotes but The Roof Smith had the lowest quote (which I was nervous about since I didn't want to sacrifice price for quality and customer service). After speaking with one of the owners, Danny, I felt very comfortable. Danny gave me regular (almost daily) updates, schedules, and provided top-notch customer service. The quality of my roof is outstanding and looks incredible. They took extra care not to damage my driveway by laying extra plywood and cleaned my property well afterwards. I highly recommend The Roof Smith. Thank you Danny and Joe!
- Dr. Brandon Nevel
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I have been in the building industry for 42 years. Let me say that my experience with Roof Smith has been a pleasure. They are professional and go the step beyond to make sure the client is satisfied. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Steve Liller
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