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Attic Vent Repair & Installation Service

attic fanIs the upstairs of your home always hot? Does your AC run constantly? These are signs that you may have a problem with the attic vents on your roof.

Attic vents protect your home from stifling heat and attic moisture. If the wind turbines, electric fans, or solar fans are not working right, you can suffer from high energy bills, wet insulation, rotting wood, mold, and a very uncomfortable home.

Call our Palm Beach County roofing contractors for an attic vent inspection, repair, or installation today. You may not know, but it's probably costing you a lot if your attic vents are not working properly.

Inspecting The Roof Wind Turbines

Wind turbines circulate the hot, moist air in the attic. They are one of the least reliable attic vent systems because they only turn when it's windy enough.

If your wind turbines are not working, your attic is not being vented. They should last from 20-25 years but can be damaged by storms or impacts. And sometimes they just get old and start to rust.

How long has it been since your wind turbines have been inspected? If it's been a while, we would be happy to take a look. Whether they need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded to a more reliable vent fan, our roofing contractors can help.

Motors On Electric Vent Fans

Electric vent fans are reliable to exhaust hot air from the attic, but not if they aren't working properly. They should be operating continuously. However, a motor burnout is pretty common.

If your electric vent fans are not turning, they need to be repaired. It is often better to replace the electric vent fan because the motor is the most expensive part. Sometimes it's just a simple electrical or thermostat problem, so let us troubleshoot the problem for you.

Solar Vent Fans Repair & Install

Solar fans are the most efficient and reliable attic ventilation systems. They work just as well to circulate the air, remove heat, and reduce moisture but won't hike up your energy bill.

Whether you have solar vent fans that need repair or you would like to upgrade to save money on the utility bills, just call to schedule service.

Getting To The Cause Of The Problem

No matter why your attic space is blistering hot, our experienced roofers can troubleshoot and repair the problem. We repair all types of roof ventilation systems including attic fans, soffit vents, plumbing vents, gable vents, ridge vents, static vents, and more.

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