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Repair And Replacement of Fascia and Soffit In Palm Beach And Martin County

palm beach county fascia and soffit repair

Fascia and soffit are two of the most useful and aesthetically pleasing portions of a house. But like any part of a roof, they can sustain damage from any of the following issues:

  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Leaks
  • Debris
  • Nesting animals

As Florida is all too familiar with all of these elements, the fascia and soffit on Florida homes often endure damage and require repairing. Luckily for local residents, our Palm Beach County roofing contractors at The RoofSmith can have your fascia and soffit looking and functioning like new in little time and at an affordable cost!


  • What is it?

    Fascia is the lining below the edge of the roof. It runs along the length of the entire roofline, and it supports gutters and draining pipes. It helps to prevent rain from getting into the roof and home.

    It’s importance cannot be argued against. Without fascia, moisture can get into your home and its walls -- a result which could mean mold and rot. And with mold and rot, of course, come expensive repairs and even doctor’s visits if the mold goes undetected long enough.

  • How do I know when to replace it?

    Fascia boards will appear visibly damaged, e.g., there will be clear rotting and breaking. It is easy to detect this issue, and luckily, it is just as easy for a RoofSmith specialist to undo the damage and make your home safe and waterproof once more.


  • What is it?

    Soffit is the material that bridges the gap between the fascia and the the house. It is located at the underside of the roof’s eaves. Typically made of vinyl or some other material that is non-susceptible to rotting, it functions to divert heat and moisture away from the attic and roof. Thus, soffit functions both to cool your house and to prevent long-term damage by lowering the risk for rot and mold to develop.

  • How do I know when to replace it?

    Like fascia, soffit will appear damaged: rotting, falling apart, etc. As a homeowner, you can tell when your soffit needs to be replaced.


At The RoofSmith, we can have your old, damaged fascia and soffit replaced quickly, expertly, and affordably. Just call us today to schedule a time to have those old, worn-out fasciae and soffits replaced!

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