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One of the easiest but often most underappreciated issues with a roofing system is an unclean gutter. Besides just looking unattractive, a clogged gutter can result in some substantial damages which can easily be avoided through gutter cleaning services from our Palm Beach County roofing contractors here at The RoofSmith.


The fascia, the wood that connects the gutter system to the house, can become damaged when the overflow from a clogged gutter soaks it over a period of time. This damage can be deterioration and rot, two issues which can result in even greater issues throughout your entire home: mold growth, water damage, and further deterioration and rot.

Water overflow can also damage the sides of the house. Over time, as the gutter overflows and soaks the walls of your house, you can begin to experience substantial damages such as mold and mildew.


Your lawn will suffer from pooling water. Gutters are designed to redirect rainflow from the roof to a safe area that will be unaffected by rain. The lawn is NOT that area, but with a clogged gutter, it HAS to become that area.

Once it assumes the role of rain catcher, your lawn can develop depressions and channels. In addition to that eyesore, small shrubs can become too inundated with water, causing them to become uprooted. While a lawn thrives on rain, it does NOT thrive on gallons of rain being dumped onto it in small, heavily concentrated areas.


Should the gutter become damaged, water will pour over the sides directly toward a home’s foundation. Once this occurs, the boards around the home’s base can start to deteriorate. Once they deteriorate enough, the water can seep down into the foundation. Over time, the water can cause the foundation to crack -- a result that could lead to mold or, worse, a collapse.


While the results of a clogged gutter can be significant and awful, the fix is anything but. Just call The RoofSmith, and one of our experts will be on their way to have your gutters cleaned in no time! And they will do so for FAR less than you’d pay for a new lawn or foundation!

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