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For the practical consumer who isn’t too particular about color coating their roof and the rest of their house, metal roofing is a perfect choice.


Metal roofing is noncombustible, so fires will not affect them. Indeed, metal roofing received the highest grade of fire resistance: class A. Also with regard with heat-related concerns, metal roofing is noted for its ability to radiate heat AWAY from your home. This quality ensures that, in the middle of the day, the heat that enters into your home is minimal -- a benefit which saves money, as you can cut down on your air conditioning bill. And in Florida, who DOESN’T need to save money on the AC bill?

Fire is not the only element metal roofing is resistant to. It also sheds rain and water quickly because of its smooth, slippery surface. Thus, metal roofing helps to stave off leaks, as water is unable to build up and work its way through the roof.


Are there any reasons you should consider anything BUT metal roofing? If the initial price is anything, then perhaps. The price of metal roofing does rest at the higher end of the spectrum, with the average cost being equal to other premium materials.

However, a metal roof from The RoofSmith will actually SAVE you money in the long run. Metal roofs last longer than any other material -- on average, the lifespan of the HOUSE itself. So, if you know you won’t be moving out of the house on which you plan to install your metal roof, it will more than pay for itself in the future!


There is one final concern one must consider before having a Palm Beach County roofing contractor install a metal roof: the noise. Metal roofs can be like a drum during a rainstorm. Many people enjoy the ambient noise, while others say that it is just that: noise. Whether you fall into the first or the second mindset, just consider that feature before committing to your metal roof.

But whether that rain sounds like a soothing bongo or the drum solo from “Tom Sawyer,” there is one thing it won’t sound like: water leaking through onto your carpet. For any drawbacks one might see in metal roofing, no one can deny that its waterproof design and longevity are appealing enough to overlook any quibbles.

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