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Our Other Palm Beach And Martin County Services

palm beach county powerwashing


Powerwashing offers more than just an aesthetic benefit. It can also make your home more valuable! A curb that is stained and covered in mildew can give a home a careless appearance. A powerwashing can take years of wear off of your curb in little time, and just like that, your home suddenly looks and IS more valuable…

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palm beach county repair and replacement of fascia and soffits

Repair/Replacement Of Fascia and Soffit

As Florida is all too familiar with all of these elements, the fascia and soffit on Florida homes often endure damage and require repairing. Luckily for local residents, our Palm Beach And Martin County roofing contractors at The RoofSmith can have your fascia and soffit looking and functioning like new in little time and at an affordable cost…

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palm beach county waterproofing


For a competitive price, an associate from The RoofSmith can prevent mold issues, damaged furniture and other problems caused by a leaking roof. Our experts will apply a 100 percent silicone sealant to your roof, preventing your roof from rot and leaks. A silicone waterproofing is perfect for flat roof types, which can be susceptible to standing water which might have required costly repairs if left unchecked…

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palm beach county roof tune-ups

Roof Tune-Ups

A roof tune-up includes checking to see whether all the components of your roof are in good shape and in working order. Our Palm Beach And Martin County roofing contractors will inspect your shingles or tiles for looseness, folding, cracks and leaks. Overwall, we perform an inspection of your roof so that any nail pops, missing shingles and loose flashing can be re-attached and hopefully prevent the need for more expensive repairs in the near future…

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palm beach county roof maintenance programs

Roof Maintenance Programs

A roof maintenance program is a pre-set schedule for a Palm Beach And Martin County roofing contractor to come by your house and inspect your roof. Just sign up and you can relax knowing that the condition of your roof will be assessed and addressed for the duration of the time you have scheduled. You might be too busy to schedule an appointment every time you need to know how your roof is holding up, but with The RoofSmith’s roof maintenance program, your busy life will never affect the health of your roof…

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palm beach county wind mitigation upgrades

Wind Mitigation Upgrades

With a wind mitigation upgrade, a Palm Beach County roofing specialist will install hurricane straps and clips, roof-to-wall connections and roof deck attachments to your property. With these extra safety measures, not only can your insurance premiums go down a great deal, but you can rest easy knowing your roof is safe by having The RoofSmith install wind mitigation upgrades on your house…

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palm beach county gutter repair

Gutter Repair

Gutters prevent depressions and channels from forming in your lawn. A damaged gutter might spill many hundreds of gallons of water from falling into the same spot, causing such depressions and channels. While our Palm Beach County roofing contractors do not install new gutters, The RoofSmith can make sure that your existing gutters function just as well as you need them to…

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palm beach county gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

One of the easiest but often most underappreciated issues with a roofing system is an unclean gutter. Besides just looking unattractive, a clogged gutter can result in some substantial damages to your lawn or even the walls, which can easily be avoided through gutter cleaning services from our Palm Beach County roofing contractors here at The RoofSmith…

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