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Roof Inspection Experts In Palm Beach And Martin County

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Prevention is the  best medicine, as the saying goes. The best time to check your roof is not when a leak or mold becomes apparent. It’s every year, at least twice a year. At The RoofSmith, we offer detailed roof inspections that are quick, accurate, and affordable.

What Does An Inspection Include?

A Palm Beach County roofing contractor will provide the following services when inspecting your roof:

Interior Roof Inspection

This process entails the expert’s going into your attic and to check the insulation, ventilation, and presence of moisture or mold.

During this half of the process, your roofing expert will be checking whether any possible roof damage has made its way into your home. The presence of rot, mold, or water damage is a sign that it has.

The expert will consider, among other possibilities, issues with shingles or a clogged gutter as reasons for this damage. Thus, at this stage, while your expert may be working from the INSIDE of your roof, they are also gathering information to provide a more accurate survey of the OUTSIDE portion of your roof.

Exterior Roof Inspection

This process entails the expert’s getting on the roof to check for leaks, shingle or tile condition, proper flashing, and chimney work.

During this process, your RoofSmith expert will check the condition of your tiles or shingles. Are they loose? Missing? Curling? Rotting? And are your gutters loose? Clogged?

While your expert inspects these possible issues, they will also check your flashing -- that is, they will ensure that there are at least three feet of barriers against leaks. All the while, they will also check for buckling and sagging in your roof -- an issue that should be IMMEDIATELY addressed.

Then What?

After ascertaining the condition of your roof, the expert will determine the best course of action to ensure that your roof gets the work it need. Always respectful of the customers’ needs, The RoofSmith team member will be sure to consider only the best, most affordable service for you and your home.

Then, your RoofSmith expert will draft an estimate that details their suggestion. This estimate will include estimated materials, time, and cost. Should these details meet your expectations, all that’s left is to schedule a time for your RoofSmith expert to come by and get your roof back into the best condition possible!

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