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Professional Palm Beach And Martin County Roof Repair Services

palm beach county roof repairs

Not all leaks are as expensive as a new roof. Sometimes, you just need a patch here or some new tiles there. Here at The RoofSmith, we will ensure that you get not only the most accurate service on your roof but also the best quality one. Among our roof repair services, we offer the following:


Florida hurricanes are deadly to tiles and shingles. Located in Florida’s Palm Beach County, The RoofSmith and its team of Palm Beach County roofing contractors understand this problem, and we pride ourselves on quick, cost-efficient tile repairs. And our knowledgeable team will ensure that you get not only the best service but also the perfect product for your weather-worn roof.


Like Keith Whitley, Florida is no stranger to the rain, as anyone who’s lived here for more than a week can confirm. And when rain hits, you better have a good, waterproofed roof, or you’ll be up the creek -- more or less.

But if you don’t have a watertight roof, don’t fret! The RoofSmith’s team of experts can fix that problem quickly and affordably! If you have a flat roof, The RoofSmith can provide a 100-percent silicone waterproofing to keep your house dry -- a service which can prevent issues such as mold and rot down the road.


After catching so much rain, a gutter might need a little help to keep catching more rain for many more years to come. At The RoofSmith, we specialize in both cleaning AND repairing gutters!*

*We do not install new gutters.


If you live in Florida, you are more than familiar with wind damage. Wind is a killer for shingles, which can rip and blow off; tile, which can break because of debris; and all other kinds of roofing materials. At The RoofSmith, we are able to undo the damage that the elements do to your roof with our affordable reshingling and retiling, among other services.


The RoofSmith provides a bounty of roof repairs at affordable prices. Our friendly, experienced team of professionals will ensure that you receive those services quickly and reliably. We don’t want only to stop a leak or replace a tile or shingle. We want you, the customer, to have the peace of mind that comes with excellent service at competitive prices.

Your home is valuable to you, and ensuring that it is in top condition is important to us. Whatever issues your roof is giving you, we will stop them from breaking your home without breaking your bank.

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