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Many roofing issues can be fixed fairly easily: a gutter replacement, retiling or reshingling, etc. But life is not always easy, and roofs are no exception to this fact. Sometimes, a leaky roof can’t be fixed with a new gutter or a patch here or there. Sometimes, a leak means you need a full roof replacement.

While life may not always be easy, we here at The RoofSmith strive to get you through the uneasy parts as easily as possible with our reliable and affordable service!


That question will be answered during the inspection process from a Palm Beach County roofing contractor. Generally, though, if your roof is 25 years old, it’s about time to get a new roof. Some signs of a roof that should be replaced include the following:

  • Your shingles are badly and obviously worn
  • Your shingles are missing
  • Your roof is creating “valleys” where tiles and shingles have fallen off
  • You can see daylight through the boards in your roof

Should these issues be evident, your RoofSmith expert will suggest a whole roof replacement.


The cost depends upon factors such as size of your roof, materials used, and time spent on the job. The specific cost will be discussed after your inspection. Your RoofSmith expert will consider not only the cost but also the most AFFORDABLE cost to get a new roof over your head in the quickest time possible.

Speaking of which…


Generally, replacing a roof takes anywhere from a day to a few days. Like the cost, the time depends upon factors such as the size of the job and the materials required.


A roof replacement can be stressful. One day, you notice a leak, and the next day, you’re looking at a large, potentially multi-day process. We here at The RoofSmith understand this headache, and we strive to make the process of replacing your roof as easy as possible. We do so by offering fast, quality work at competitive prices. And our thorough inspection process ensures that we guarantee a replacement, as opposed to just a repair, is the best thing for your roof.

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