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Top 3 Tips For Avoiding Roof Repairs

palm beach county roof repairsThe main objective, when it comes to roof maintenance, is to keep the roof in tiptop shape. Not just functional, but going beyond that, and trying to make sure you don’t need roof repairs, at least not frequently.

This will also help ensure that you don’t end up needing replacement, at least not before it should be time. Know the life expectancy of the roofing system you have, based on the roofing material you have, and make it a point to do what you can to reach that expectancy.

As you know, the roof is such an essential part of any house. It protects from the elements by acting as the first line of defense.

It’s subjected to the brunt of bad weather and daily wear and tear from the hottest direct sunlight to driving rain and hail. Set yourself up for long term success by using preventative maintenance to avoid repairs.

How to Prevent Roof Repairs & Get Peak Performance

If you’d like to avoid having regular visits from roofing contractors for repairs or premature replacement, some tips to incorporate into your homeowner’s maintenance checklist:

  • Above all else, regular roof inspections are key. You should have roofing inspections scheduled twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This is especially important as your roof gets older. You also need an inspection following any severe weather activity. Keep in mind, even if you have a newer roofing system, your warranty coverage depends on staying current with inspections. Otherwise, you could lose the warranty.
  • Between inspections, conduct visual scans of the shingles. Although it’s always better to let a trained pro handle even visual inspections, even an untrained eye can detect signs of distress. Common shingle material includes asphalt, clay, and wood. If you notice even possible signs of an issue, have it checked by an industry professional. Even a seemingly small shingle repair issue could lead to much bigger problems, if not handled quickly.
  • Monitor for leaks because, contrary to popular misconception, there is no such thing as a minor leak. Any water intrusion has the potential to lead to mildew, mold, rot, and the need for major repairs. If ignored, you’ll end up needing total roof replacement, long before it should be time. Even a new roofing system can spring a leak, so make sure you check on a regular basis.

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