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8 Tips to Protect Your Roof This Hurricane Season

The hurricane season is upon us in South Florida and the Treasure Coast, with the peak season running from mid-August through late October. Thankfully, for many years, Mother Nature has spared us from her wrath of destruction. But it’s only a matter of time until our luck runs out and a hurricane takes its powerful aim at Palm Beach, Martin and northern Broward counties.

With roof damage being the largest cause of hurricane insurance claims not related to storm surges, it’s important for homeowners to take simple, yet important, preventative steps to protect their roofs − and entire house.

The following tips can help prevent roof damage and save homeowners considerable time, stress and a lot of money:


Inspect and clean your gutters and eaves. Clogged gutters and blocked eaves can cause water to intrude into your home. Remove all leaves and debris from your gutters, downspouts and eaves.

Tip 2

Check your attic. Visually inspect your attic ventilation for loose or compromised eaves, soffits and gable vents. Also, inside your attic, look for warning signs such as dried water stains, wet or damp wood, peeling paint, mold, moist insulation and any daylight finding its way into the attic.

Tip 3

Be on the lookout for and fix rust spots, loose anchoring, cracked or worn pipe boots, exposed nails, shingle granules in gutters, and detached metal connections.

Tip 4

Clean and secure your yard to prevent items from becoming projectiles and damaging your roof. If possible, move all items indoors.

Tip 5

Trim trees and bushes and remove from property before potential storms.

Tip 6

Look for loose tiles and shingles and secure them with nails, screws or caulk.

Tip 7

Seriously consider having hurricane straps (tie downs) and/or gable ends installed to further strengthen your roof. Another benefit of using these approved roof strengthening techniques is that most insurance companies will provide homeowners with substantial discounts on their property insurance premiums.

Tip 8

When replacing or repairing a roof,consider installing a secondary water barrier to greatly reduce likelihood of water penetration into an attic and houses.

While a professional roof inspection is the most effective way to identify potential roof weaknesses, the aforementioned tips will help enhance homeowners’ odds of reducing the likelihood of severe roof and home damage.

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