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Go Ahead… It's Okay – and Financially Smart – to Vent

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Have you been looking for ways to starve the electric-sucking vampires in your home? Then solar-powered attic vents may help you accomplish this money-saving goal.

Attic vents should be a necessary feature on every roof. They circulate air to reduce moisture, remove heat, protect the roof and attic space from decay, and reduce the strain on your AC system.

There are three types of attic fan ventilation systems:

  • Wind turbine
  • Electric fans
  • Solar vent fans

Whether you don’t have any attic fans, or currently have wind-powered turbines or electric-powered fans, installing solar vents is a great idea. And here's why…

Solar Attic Fan Tax Credits

You can benefit from Federal tax credits for many types of home improvements, including solar vents. Solar powered vent fans qualify for a 30 percent Federal tax credit.

Simply claim this credit when filing your taxes by submitting IRS Form 5695, along with the receipt and manufacturer's certification. Speak with your accountant to ensure you maximize this opportunity.

Why Upgrade Wind Turbines to Solar Vents

Wind turbines are very common on roofs, but many homeowners do not realize they only work when the wind is strong enough to rotate them. As a wind turbine ages, it can bend or rust to the point where it is not operational.

When the wind turbine does not turn, it is not ventilating the roof. This causes moisture and heat problems all over the attic, and on the underside of the roof causing wood rot. Moisture levels can rise to levels that cause insulation to become wet and moldy.

A solar vent fan works regardless if it is windy or not. The reliability of the solar vent will protect the attic and roof from rotting or warping, and your home from mold.

Reasons to Replace Electric Attic Fans with Solar Vents

Electric attic fans are also common. Two main differences between electric and solar-powered vents are energy savings and reliability.

  1. If the power goes out or you need to shut the home’s power, solar vents continue to operate.
  2. By releasing the heat in the attic with solar-powered attic fans, you are also saving energy on your utility bill. Heat trapped in the attic makes air conditioning system work harder. With reliable roof ventilation from solar vents, your AC system use less energy to cool your home, and the equipment will last longer because it is not constantly working to keep the house cool.

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