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When Do I Need Roof Repairs?

when do i need roof repairs

Our roofs go over our heads -- literally. What SHOULDN’T go over our heads, though, are signs we need roof repairs.

Fortunately, for even the newest homeowner, the signs can be pretty obvious, so anyone should be able to spot the signs of wear before they develop into serious problems that need SERIOUS roof repair -- or even replacement!

What Are The Signs We Need Roof Repair?

The signs range from subtle, such as higher energy bills, to slightly less subtle -- such as a branch crashing through your ceiling. In no particular order, here is a list of some of the more common signs that you need to schedule a roofer PRONTO:

If you notice any of these signs, you need to schedule an appointment with one of The RoofSmith's specialists TODAY. Though a leak here or some discoloration there might not be all that bad in and of themselves, they can be harbingers of far more serious problems to come. These problems can arise because of the nature of the issues that create these signs.

  • Curled or missing shingles
  • WET shingles
  • Staining on walls and ceilings
  • Higher energy bills
  • Leaks
  • Sagging

What Issues Are Those?

Many of these signs becomes evident because shingles stop being waterproof. This problem itself is due to age and wear and tear. If your shingles are curling, they are old and should be replaced. If you neglect to replace them, you could begin to experience water damage, as your shingles can no longer prevent water from entering through the roof. When this occurs, you might begin to see some of the other signs mentioned above: the leaks, of course, and the discoloration that’s due to water damage.

Also note that another sign of water damage is wet shingles. As shingles wear down, they allow water to become trapped within themselves. If you notice that occurring, you need to call in one of the experts from The RoofSmith to inspect the condition of your shingles.

As far as the increased energy bill goes, that occurs because, as your roof weakens, your home becomes less insulated. Without that insulation, your AC and heat have to work extra hard to keep your home comfortable, thus creating higher energy bills. As bad as a leaky roof is, a higher energy bill is even worse.

What Can Happen If These Problems Continue?

Without properly addressing these issues, you could experience substantial roof damage that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Roof buckling
  • Mold
  • Foundation damage

If water continues to infiltrate your home and its ceilings and walls, the structures that hold your home’s roof up could become compromised. This compromise can lead to buckling of supports and, ultimately, a sagging roof -- a problem which could necessitate a full-blown roof REPLACEMENT.

Mold also occurs because of water’s infiltrating your house. This fact is obvious. What is less obvious is the damage that a bad roof can cause to your home’s foundation. As your roof becomes damaged, so can your rain gutter. Should that fail to function properly, water could pool around the outside of your home. And that pooling can lead to problems such as rotting away of the wood on the outside of your home and, ultimately, cracking of the concrete foundation. Once your foundation cracks, you could begin to experience more mold growth or, even worse -- a cave-in.

The Solution

Don’t let obvious signs of simple fixes go untreated! Once you begin to notice signs of wear on your roof, have them addressed before they lead to more serious problems such as roof replacements and foundation damage.

Don’t let yourself, your family, or your home suffer through easily preventable problems. As soon as you need one, call the experts at the RoofSmith.

For affordable, timely, and reliable help with all your roofing inquiries and needs, just give our Palm Beach and Martin County roofing contractors at the RoofSmith a call on (561) 386-2109 or complete our online request form.

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The RoofSmith was great throughout the process. We needed a complete re-roof on our 30+ year old roof and they did a terrific job. They were very communicative throughout the process. They were constantly on site making sure everything went smoothly and finished to our liking. I would highly recommend RoofSmith and have already recommended them to my sister for work needed at her house. Very professional firm.
- Dale Belis
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Danny Tomici of The RoofSmith is a very honest, reliable gentleman. He provided excellent service installing hurricane resistant glass in my skylight and making a few repairs to my roof. It was done in a very timely manner. I was so surprised how quickly he made the repairs. The work is completed and I am still waiting for another roofing company to give me a quote. I highly recommend this company and would definitely use them again in the future.
- Anne Houvouras
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The RoofSmith fixed the part of my roof that had a water leak from a ventilation pipe that was not properly sealed when my roof was redone about 9 years ago from another roofing company. The repair job was done quickly and professionally. I recommend this company for anyone needing roof repair re-refoofing.
- Lit Walker
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After a rather exhausted search for someone I could trust to do my roof quite by accident my wife's boss had an excellent recommendation; her neighbor by the name of Danny Tomici, owner of The RoofSmith. I contacted him and unlike most roofers I'd contacted he promptly came over the next day. He gave me a fair estimate and impressed me so much (as someone I could count on) that I contracted him to do the job after giving a previous contractor an extra day to give me an estimate. Actually finally heard back from the other roofer A WEEK after...The RoofSmith had already finished the joke. The work was done within a reasonable length of time and the quality was outstanding. Replaced wood where needed and Danny personally took care of some minor issues promptly. I can't say enough about the job The RoofSmith and Danny Tomici did and I would highly recommend them, they can be trusted to do the job RIGHT!
- Michael & DeeDee Scott
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The RoofSmith recently performed work on a section of my roof that had leaking and corrosion. I was impressed by how responsive they were and how well they explained everything. Also thought their use of technology was great - they took videos of the before and after of the location so that I could actually see what had been done which is great because it saved me from having to climb up there myself! Would use them again and highly recommend.
- Jose Medina
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