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How can Wind Mitigation Upgrades Save You Money?

wind mitigation saves money

There’s an old adage we’ve all heard about 'making money by saving money.'

This holds true for wind mitigation upgrades to your roof, which could reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium by up to 33 percent. These insurance premium savings can directly put more money in the pockets of homeowners in Palm Beach County, Martin County and northern Broward County.

The State of Florida requires insurance companies to provide premium reductions to homeowners who can prove their roofs have the approved hurricane-resistant structural features. For the roof, this includes:

  • Roof Covering – does it meet Florida Building Code?
  • Roof Deck Attachments – is the plywood sheathing properly attached to the rafters or trusses?
  • Roof-to-Wall Attachments – are rafters or trusses properly attached to walls?
  • Secondary Water Resistance – does your roof have it?

While most homes built prior to 2002 were not constructed with the required hurricane-resistant features, the following roof strengthening measures will help homeowners maximize their insurance premium savings, including:

  • Hurricane Straps and Clips
  • Roof to Wall Connections
  • Roof Deck Attachments

Homes constructed since 2002 have many of these features. However, it’s probable these homeowners are not maximizing their insurance premium savings and would benefit from additional roof strengthening upgrades.

First contact your insurance agent to learn if your property will qualify for these insurance premium reductions. If you’re eligible, contact a qualified company to install the appropriate roof strengthening upgrades, then get the work certified.

When completed, a certified inspector will inspect the upgrades and complete the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection form. Once the form is signed and certified, you’ll then forward to your insurance agent to apply for, and receive, the insurance reductions.

The cost of roof mitigation upgrades and inspection will quickly pay for itself in just a year or two, with homeowners reaping significant financial benefits for many, many years.

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