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Professional Roof Tune-Ups In Palm Beach And Martin County

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Just as you don’t always need a whole roof replacement, you also don’t always need a roof repair either. Sometimes, you need only a roof tune-up. Just as you take your car into the shop a few times every year to make sure all its parts are still in good shape, you want to have a Palm Beach County roofing contractor come by regularly and check your roof for general wear and tear.

At The RoofSmith, we offer tune-ups that are affordable and detailed.


A roof tune-up involves checking to see whether all the components that make up a roof are in good shape and proper working order. A RoofSmith specialist will inspect your tiles or shingles for folding, looseness, cracks, and leaks. They will ensure that your roof is free from leaks, holes, and sagging areas. Overall, your RoofSmith specialist will perform a thorough inspection of your roof, after which time, they will . . .


For a roof tune-up, most issues can be addressed with relative ease. Your RoofSmith expert will replace missing shingles, address nail pops, and reattaching loose flashing. Generally, with a roof tune-up, you can expect your roofer to poke and prod the issues away, so to speak. And this procedure is quite helpful for extending the life of your roof! That is unless…


Not all issues can be addressed by re-attaching a shingle or poking here or prodding there. Some issues are BIG -- too big for just a tune-up. Or even a repair in some extreme case. In such a case, you might be looking a full-blown replacement.

However, whether the fix involves some poking and prodding, a repair, or a full-blown replacement, you can rest assured that the knowledgeable experts at The RoofSmith will make SURE you know exactly WHAT condition your roof is in and will be sure you get the correct fix for the best price and with the highest quality of work!


A roof tune-up is an excellent and inexpensive way to extend the life of your roof. And with an honest inspector like one you’ll get from The RoofSmith, you can be sure that your roof will get the fix it NEEDS so that it stays strong and reliable for years and years to come!

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