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Waterproofing Services In Palm Beach And Martin County

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In Florida, especially during the unpredictable spring and summer seasons, rain is a constant issue for homeowners whose roofs are not waterproof. The presence of rain can be, at times, constant, and the damage it causes can cause many thousands of dollars in damages.

Before letting the state of your home get to that point, call The RoofSmith! We don’t specialize in just repairing and replacing roofs. Our Palm Beach County roofing contractors also specialize in preventing damage before it occurs!


We waterproof flat roofs.


Because they are not pitched, flat roofs do not allow water to run off naturally. Thus, they are susceptible to leaks. To combat this issue for homeowners who want a flat roof without that drawback, we can seal flat roofs so that they offer all of their signature spatial and economic benefits without the headache of a leak!


A RoofSmith expert will apply a 100-percent silicone sealant to your roof. This solution not only prevents water from entering through your roof but also ensures that no rotting will occur, as the silicone is waterproof. And since it is water-based, they don’t absorb moisture, further ensuring that your home will remain free from moisture and the mold and rot that occur because of it.


Absolutely! Few problems cause more damage to a roof or home than water. Once water gets through the roof, you can find yourself dealing with damaged flooring, mold issues, damaged furniture… And that’s not to mention the roofing issues you’ll be facing.

For a competitive price, an associate from The RoofSmith can prevent all of those issues well before they ever have a chance to happen! For a fraction of the cost of a new roof, you can extend the life of your flat roof, prevent any costly repairs that a leaky roof can cause, and have the peace of mind of knowing that your roof is as safe and reliable as you’d want it to be.


A silicone waterproofing is perfect for a flat roof whose only downside is, arguably, its susceptibility to leaks since water can’t naturally run off of it. And at a great price from The RoofSmith, a homeowner can ensure the longevity of their flat roof at a price they can afford!

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