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Local Wind Mitigation Upgrades In Palm Beach And Martin County

palm beach county wind mitigation upgrades

Here in Florida, hurricane season can be stressful to all facets of our lives -- including, of course, the well-being of our homes’ roofs. Every year, high winds and debris cause some of the most expensive and substantial damage to Florida homes, and the cost of undoing that damage can be staggering at times.

To combat this damage and the costs that follow, we at The RoofSmith offer wind mitigation upgrades to your roof! With a wind mitigation upgrade from our Palm Beach County roofing contractors, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your roof and home have that extra layer of security against the most vicious of the elements. On top of that, you will also experience money-saving benefits almost instantly!


With a wind mitigation upgrade, a RoofSmith specialist will install the following safety features in your home:

  • Hurricane straps and clips
  • Roof-to-wall connections
  • Roof deck attachments

With these installations, your roof will be more secure against hurricane winds than ever before. They will help ensure the longevity of your roof by adding an extra layer of support. This extra support will help prevent issues such as buckling of your roof -- a costly problem should it ever occur.

Surely, the safety benefits for you and your family and well worth the upgrade. But still, there are other benefits in the form of money savings that occur because of the upgrade.


With these extra safety features installed, your yearly homeowners’ insurance premiums will actually go down! How much? It depends on your carrier. However, some homeowners have seen a difference of as much as 33 percent after making the upgrades! Owning a home already costs enough, so it’s always beneficial to save money whenever and however you can. And a wind mitigation upgrade is a perfect way to help you start saving money.


Your money is important. Your home is important. Most of all, your family is important. The Florida hurricane season is already stressful enough. Here at The RoofSmith, we can alleviate some of that stress with a wind mitigation upgrade. Save money. Save stress. Save your home. Just call one of our experts, and they’ll have your wind mitigation upgrade installed with speed and affordability.

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