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Wood Shake Repair And Tune-Ups In Palm Beach And Martin County

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We at The RoofSmith work on a variety of different kinds of roofs, including the ever-beautiful wood shakes roof. While we don’t install this material, we do repair it and provide tune-ups for it. But for your benefit, you should know that, no matter who installs your wood shakes roof, the cost of installation will be fairly high.

But your home is your castle, and a castle should be beautiful. With wood shakes, you can ensure that your castle is not just beautiful but STUNNING. Certainly, wood shakes provide a gorgeous topping to your home. But is a pretty face worth the high cost of installation and upkeep?

Long Lasting Material

Wood shakes last, on average, from 30-40 years. Part of this longevity is due to their resistance to severe storms. Unlike tile that can break during a hailstorm or tile that can curl and break off during high winds, wood shakes can remain intact throughout the bad Florida storms that beset us every year. And no matter what damage your wood shakes roof endures, you can rely on our Palm Beach County roofing contractors at the RoofSmith to get it back into pristine condition with our expert repair services!

Energy Savings

Because of their design, wood shakes provide an extra layer of insulation compared to asphalt shingles -- up to two times as much! With this extra insulation, you can save money on heating bills in the winter. But most of all, you can save money on COOLING bills during the long, intense Florida summers. And with regular tune-ups, you can be sure to enjoy these benefits for many, many years to come!

Eco Friendly

A wood shakes roof can be costly, yes -- but it can also be stunning. And it certainly doesn’t harm the environment. And over time, it also doesn’t harm your wallet either. Rather, it HELPS by saving you money on repairs and energy bills.

Indeed, in the long run, wood shakes ensure that your bank account and Mother Earth won’t be “shaking” at all!

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